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Jessica - posted on 06/06/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




i recently tried making meat pies and they were a total failure i was wondering if anyone out there have any good meat pie recipes that they are willing to share please


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Nicky - posted on 06/14/2011




this one is pretty basic, all you need is an onion, garlic, mince meat, veges of your choosing, and a packet of gravy.
chop up the garlic and add it to an oiled pan while it is heating, then add your onions and brown them.
add the mince and cook through, making sure you keep stirring it to chop it up smooth, big lumps of mince arent cool :)
this is where you can add veges if you want to, i'd cook them through first and add, you can use peas, carrots, corn, pumpkin, brocolli, beans, anything you like at all, and then add your gravy mix, the pack i use gives a cup, so i add a little bit more water so it can reduce down.
You can either use store bought pastry or make your own, and line your pan with pastry, blind baking is a good idea if you have pie weights, or you can use uncooked rice to weigh it down too, just give it enough to par cook it, maybe 10 mins? then add your mixture in, top with either mashed potato and cheese, or layer cheese under a pastry topping, and cook for a further 10 - 15 mins till brown.
its pretty straight forward and you can be quite flexible with it, basically brown meat, add gravy mix, cook.
a similar option but not a pie is casserole, flour your meat, brown in a pan with onions, transfer into a casserole dish, make up a gravy in the pan you browned meat in, pour over casserole, add whatever veg you want, and bung in the oven of a fairly lowish temp for a few hours, delish!

Annie - posted on 06/11/2011




2-3 cloves garlic, minced
1 onion chopped
2-3 baby leaves
1/2 green pepper
1/2 yellow or orange pepper
1 Tablespoon born sugar
1 tablespoon Worcestershire
1-2 tablespoons tomato paste
2 teaspoons oregano
a little chili power
1-2 lb. ground turkey sausage or pork sausage
1-2 lb. ground chicken or beed

Brown the meat in a large sauce pan, add all of the other ingredients and summer for about 10 minutes.
I cheap and use two deep dish frozen pie crusts. one for the bottom and one for the top.
Place mixture in one pie crust top with generous amount of shredded cheese (what ever kind you like)
Put the other pie crust on top and pinch together.
poke about 6 small slits it the top.
Cook at 350 degrees for about 20-30 minutes or until the pie crust is brown.
Sometimes I add shredded carrot. You may have to add more brown sugar and worcestershire. Just taste it and you decide.
We love this one!!!

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