Seafood Fettucine, now what for dessert?

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Hi Everyone, I am just new to this group. I plan on making a seafood fettucine for dinner on Valentines Day...just looking for suggestions on what to make for dessert ??? Any ideas :)


April - posted on 02/11/2011




cheesecake, chocolate mousse, regular vanilla or chocolate cake, vday cupcakes

Krystyna - posted on 02/11/2011




Easy/Low Fat Tiramisu (my version)


2-8oz packages light cream cheese at room temperature

1 small container light Cool Whip whipped topping thawed

1 small package instant vanilla pudding

1 cup cold skim milk

2 1/2 packages ladyfingers

1 cup strong brewed coffee

1 cup Tia Maria liquor or Kaluha. If you want to omit the liquor, double the coffee and add a few tablespoons sugar to sweeten.

3 tablespoons amaretto liquor


Brew coffee and pour into a shallow dish to cool. Once cooled, add liquors. Set aside.

In a mixing bowl beat the cream cheese on high speed until light and fluffy. Slowly add about 1/4 cup milk a little at a time and mix in between to soften the mixture and make it a light and fluffy consistency.

In a separate bowl prepare pudding mix with only 3/4 cup of milk. It will be very thick. Mix together until pudding sets.

With mixer on low speed, add pudding mix a few spoons at a time to the cheese mixture. Make sure it is well incorporated before adding more. Scrape down the sides of the bowl if needed. When all pudding is added, mix at a very high speed to make the filling light and fluffy.

Once mixture is a light an fluffy consistency, slowly fold in the entire container of Cool Whip and your filling is ready. Put the mixture in the fridge until you're ready to assemble the tiramisu.

To assemble, take the ladyfingers one at a time and dunk them in the coffee/liquor. Line the bottom and sides of the glass dish with dipped ladyfingers.

Add 1/2 the cheese filling mixture and spread evenly over the ladyfingers.

Repeat process. Dip ladyfingers and cover the layer of cheese mixture. Once covered, add the remaining cheese mixture over ladyfingers and spread evenly to cover.

Dust with cocoa powder or chocolate shavings to decorate. Chill until ready to serve. It tastes even better if made 2 days ahead of time. It gives a chance for the ladyfingers to really absorb the coffee/liquor.

How easy was that?? I have to say, it turned out to be really delicious and so easy. Not bad for improvising.

Good Luck


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