kids always come 1st

moms wh revolve their lives around their kids


Kids Come First !!!

I wish that the state of Ohio would understand that I am now an assistant manager and my husband is working nearly full time hours and we have our own place, our own car,...


How old are everyone's kids?

my daughter is 4 months.She was born april 28th 2010 but i have a stepdaughter Chloe who is 6 and adors her sister and a stepson Brendon who is 9 who dosent care much.Ihope he...



August 28th my husbands daughter my stepdaughter turned a year, he was totally cut out of the picture for it no invitation to her party we tried to call and the number had been...


who has animals?

I have a dog and im so nervous when hes around my 4 month old daughter.Hes good with the step kids 6 and 9 though.


anyone work?

I have to work 1 day a week and i hate to be away from my daughter?


baby food

is that okay the baby can eat adult food like chicken soup, mash potatoes, and fries fried in 8 month old?