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The Wii Fit told my 7 yr old that she is going to be fat. Now she won't eat anything. She is a healthy weight for her height and bone strucure. What to do now?


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Amy - posted on 09/03/2012




The Wii Fit has its good and bad points to it. When the assessment is done in the very beginning, most times it is inaccurate...especially for children. My daughter has always been on the high end of healthy on various scales. She was a big baby (not fat or chubby, but length/weight ratio). She is tall for her age and her weight matches for her height. The Wii Fit does not take into consideration of how healthy the child is. It is set up based on what is considered "normal" for a person's height, weight, and age. She is currently 5'0 and 97 lbs and the Wii Fit told her she was obese. My daughter is a "beanpole". I told her to just ignore what the Wii Fit said about her because it is a machine and doesn't truly grasp reality. She went through the same thing that your daughter did too.

Beth - posted on 08/08/2010




When my daughter does the fitness assessment on the Wii Fit it tells my daughter that she's too skinny. She has been in the 5th percentile for weight since she was born a month premature but 95th percentile for height. So you can imagine what the Wii has to say about her BMI. Of course my daughter got upset about it telling her that she was too light to the point that I found her trying to hold onto the cat or other items to up her weight on the system. I had to laugh but I was concerned as well about what this might do to her.

I simply told her that the system can't tell if you are a child or an adult and that the system doesn't work properly for children - only for adults. But that what is important is that she gets plenty of exercise and eats properly, building life long healthy life habits. I let her know that we take her to the doctor for regular checkups to make sure she is healthy and that neither the doctor nor her daddy or I are concerned about her weight. That she is exactly as she is supposed to be and if she continues being as healthy with her food and exercise as she is now that she will stay that way.

Tina - posted on 07/22/2010




maybe you could speak to family and friends and ask them to help you out, when they see her they could just give little compliments (more so than usual but not too much that she susses it out) this might help boost her confidence. (i've had my eight year old tell me that a certain top/skirt makes her look fat) i also found that it helped to admire healthy figured women on tv/in magizines aloud to my daughter, and say things like 'oh look at that poor girl she's so skinny her clothes won't fit properly/she'l catch a lot of colds/she's too skinny etc. i even got skinny friends in on the act to complain in front of her about being too skinny! maybe it'l help you.

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