what chapter books are good for age 9


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Sarah - posted on 02/02/2012




My son loves goosebumps anything by Darren Shan, he has read the whole cirque de freak series, Magnificant 12 also I am a big fan of James patterson and my son is now reading his Maximum Ride series written for this age + it is about children whose DNA was combined with avian DNA and how they survive its a brill read for mom too I loved all of them. The best hint is to let them show u what books they would like to read and if u are unsure tell them at least u know next time they are due a treat u will see what u can do and then buy it and read it urself to see if u find it appropriate. Hope this helps xx

Denikka - posted on 12/05/2011




Go old school :P
Goosebumps, animorphs, the silverwing series (silverwing, sunwing, firewing by Kenneth Opal).
I love scholastic books, and there are usually some pretty good ones in there (I spent a pretty penny on the book fairs when I was in school :P)
I personally wouldn't go by age, but by reading level and topic of interest :) Find out what your kid enjoys and go from there :)

Sylvia - posted on 10/24/2011




My DD mainly reads TONS AND TONS of comics (her dad has a friend who owns a comic shop, so they get them pretty cheap) -- mainly Archie, Teen Titans, Tiny Titans, Scooby-Doo, and Doctor Who. She's also read the Harry Potter series, all the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, some Lloyd Alexander, the All-of-a-Kind Family books by Sydney Taylor ... she got one for her birthday in August that she really liked, called The Name of This Book is Secret. Last winter she was really into one called The Strictest School in the World and its sequel, The Faceless Fiend.

It kind of depends on the kid, though...

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