Does anyone have an hints on dealing with Cyclic Vomiting?

Shana - posted on 12/14/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My very sweet 6year old has recently been diagnoisised (after nearly 12months) with cyclic vomiting. He is currently being medicated for it - although we are having some trouble getting the dosage right.

At the moment our paed believes that the main trigger is stress and since the majority of vomitting occurs at school - he also believes that this is the major/only trigger

The school assures me that they cannot pin-point a "stress" at school - they say hes not being bullied, socially hes quite popular and academically he is easily in the "highest achievment" groups - but they have stopped extending him in case this is stressing him

He is an emtionally sensitive kid who tells us everything (and always has) but even still he hasnt come forth with something that is stressing him badly.

Our paed also recommends NOT going to councilling at this stage as, he believes that will reinforce the cycle of stress vomitting (ie highlighting my son has "a problem" will give my son something else to stress over - causing more vomitting)

I am wondering if anyone elses kid has this syndrome (since it primarily found in girls) and what you found helped the situation


Jenna - posted on 01/04/2012




My oldest son had a few months during second grade (last year) where he kept coming down with a stomach bug and we looked into cyclic vomiting. I don't think that's what he had, but the school insisted all t he same things--he was loved by all the kids, not being bullied, the teacher adored him, he did well in all academics, etc.

But after weeks and weeks of this, he finally had one moment where he blew up. He wasn't being bullied, per se, but he was feeling like nobody was listening to him, really. He felt like people only half-listened and then just told him what to do. We talked to his teacher about it and found out three girls in the class who would boss him around and I think that was really the root of it. The teacher kept them separated and really kept an eye on them and he did much better after that. But his episodes of vomiting started the first week of December and we didn't get anything out of him until around March. I hope you can figure things out.

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