I feel like it's my fault...

Sarah - posted on 02/20/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son started a new school this year and the teacher, along with others at his school, are starting to make noise about him having ADHD. His dad his it and I've been told that it can be a genetic trait, but I still feel: if only I had paid more attention, or made him do this, or.... a million things..

Is there anyone else who is either going through this or who has gone through this and can lend an ear?


Emily - posted on 03/10/2011




For what it's worth, ADHD was studied in the 1970s. A doctor determined that it was an allergy to artificial food coloring that caused the problems. Yellow is by far the worst, but they are all bad. (Adults are often allergic too... but they are usually better at controlling themselves.) My whole family was allergic to food colors. My oldest brother would just sit and fiddle with something until it broke. He had next to no control over it. The other children (there were 8 of us) would run around screaming, or fidget incessantly. My parents tried the doctor's recommendation of simply cutting out the artificial colors. It takes 10 days to get them out of your system. However, once they are gone, you have a completely different child. They no longer fidget, or run around like crazy. No more broken toys. They can listen and sit still. The trick is, you have to read EVERY label. You would be amazed at the number of things that contain artificial colors - things you would never have imagined were colored. It does work. I would recommend at least giving it a try before doing anything else.

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