why are my kids so hyper every day and why dont they settle down.


Merenda - posted on 06/22/2010




Allow me to share something with you.

My only son is age six and he is a handful ie. so hard to handle.His school work is good only his conduct in the school playground and he never listen to instructions from me or his teachers, which is so bad.Councellor at the school saw him and they are trying to rule out if he is suffering from ADHD.
Here's my research:

ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It’s thought to be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain that affects the parts controlling attention, concentration and impulsivity.

The three core symptoms of ADHD:
• hyperactivity
• impulsivity
• inattention.
In general, boys tend to show more symptoms of hyperactivity and girls tend to show more symptoms of inattention

This means a child’s behaviour can be anything from being ‘very dreamy’ (or unable to pay attention) through to being ‘always on the go’ (or hyperactive).

A child with ADHD will take longer to settle and concentrate than a child without, and may have problems following instructions.

Children with ADHD often have above-average intelligence but find it hard to learn. They often also have problems socialising.

As the loving and caring parents you are try and see if you can help your kids too bringing them to a spacialist to rule out any possibilities.

ADHD is treated by:
• behavioural therapy
• support at school
• medication.

The condition is long term and can continue through adult life. There is a genetic component, and children with ADHD often have relatives (frequently male) with ADHD.

It isn’t caused by bad parenting which i am happy to hear as i always try my best. But a child’s surroundings and support can affect how severe the symptoms are and how well he can learn to deal with them.

So in other words if you feel that your child struggles with ADD/ADHD-like symptoms, don’t wait to seek professional help. You can treat your child’s symptoms of hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity without having a diagnosis of attention deficit disorder. Options to start with include getting your child into therapy, implementing a better diet and exercise plan, and modifying the home environment to minimize distractions.

If you do receive a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, you can then work with your child’s doctor, therapist, and school to make a personalized treatment plan that meets his or her specific needs. Effective treatment for childhood ADD/ADHD involves behavioral therapy, parent education and training, social support, and assistance at school. Medication may also be used, however, it should never be the sole attention deficit disorder treatment.

Take care and remember you are not alone!

Stina - posted on 06/20/2010




How old are they?

Some kids are just super active. On the flip side, some adults have a low tolerance for the normal activity level of kids. Nothing wrong with either- it's just how we are. When my eldest gets really hyper I boot him outside 'cause I am one of those people who doesn't deal very will with a kid bouncing off the walls so I send him where he can get out his energy or take him and his sisters for a long walk to the park. In my son's case- I notice he sometimes seems to be most hyper when he is looking for attention.

Another thing to think about: How is their diet?

Some are very sensitive to additives, sugar. I've even heard of some who are sensitive to food dyes that make them more hyper.

Celeste - posted on 06/20/2010




if you find the answer to that let me know!! I often say I have the most hyper kids and admire the calm kids you see out at restaurants etc......


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