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Kids born in August 2006

Parents to kids born in August 2006.


My baby girl!

Anika Noel Boileau-born August 22 2006 she will be 4 years old in 4 months she's getting so big love you baby girl !!!!!


Eating disorder

Ok i don't know how to put this but i swear up and down my daughter has a eating disorder... some say it is bordum but who knows... We have mostly the same routine everyday.. we...


Is your child in PreK or Kinder?

Is your August baby in Prek or Kinder? How are they doing in school? Mine was born Aug 11 and did 2 years of peek. She's in full day Kinder now and is right in the middle...


Need ideas for picky eaters

My son is 4.5 and has picked up dropped and picked up again many foods. I am always looking for new and creative ways to get him to try or like new foods. I would love some...



My son started pre-k in 2010 and is doing just great! I was just curious about how your 4 year olds are doing in school??


2 children born in August !

Hi everyone I have 2 children Isaiah born August 28, 2006 and Aaliyah born August 16, 2007! I always tell everyone I'm highly fertile the end of November into December! LOL !...



My son still uses his binky, but he only uses at night and for his nap. We have been thinking about trying to take it away but I am afraid of the screaming nights. We did the...


What date?

Just wondering what date your little one was born? My little girl, Elsha, was born on the 25th!


going to school

My little daughter is 4 YS and she never went to any preschool or daycare but now she's in KG1 for four days and she cries all day long ? What shall I do about it and how shall...


Terrible 3's !

is it just my son or are other August 06 babies hitting the terrible 3's?? I went through it with my other 2 but the 3rd (and hopefully last) is worse at this age then his...


How do I stop him biting??

My 3 1/2 year old has taken to biting his older brother and sister, even me and hubby a couple of times recently. My elder two both bit a little when younger but this was...


Hello everyone!

I'm glad to join that community so much! It is very interesting to know. Do everybody have a daughter, who was born in 16th of August like mine ?? Add me as a friend if you...