my 5 yr old has a hard time making friends

Sarah - posted on 02/24/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




hi all, my 5 yr old is in senior infants in school and she is very caring, but very soft and shy, and can sometimes be in ur face a bit to much.. yesterday we were at a girl from her class bday party and i noticed that wenever she went up to talk to the girls they wouldnt talk to her and would walk away from her now all these girls are her classmates. does this mean they are like that in school to her, i have asked the teacher does she get on with them all she said yea they all get along great but yesterday told me a diff story.. she didnt seem to bothered bout it but my heart was breaking for her, i was so upset wen we came home i just feel so bad for her.. i think much of the problem is she wants to be around me, her lil sister and her daddy to much but that cant be healty all the time, she needs to be around kids her own age.. we have started her in irish danccing class to try to ge her out of the shyness, i just dont want her to be lonely and have no friends god she'll need them wen she gets older.. anyone's elses children do this or have gone thro it? or any advice on wat i should do would be much appreciated

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