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Kids Born in September 2006

Moms of children born in September 2006 unite!


Angry 5 1/2 yr old

I'm in desperate need of advice. SAHM of 4 kids....3 girls= G is 7, F is 5 1/2, H is 4 and our son N is 2. F is the most genuine, caring, free spirited little girl. She is...


Happy With Your School?

I was just wondering what state and city your child goes to school in, and if you are happy with the school and education they provide. Also what grade level is your child in?


Birthday party game ideas?

So my daughters birthday is the 28th, were having her party on the 27th and shes said that she wants to play games but I cant think of to many things.. Theres not going to be...


Nail biting

I noticed recently that my son has started to bite his nails, any tips on how to stop this?


Need support from like minded moms

My gorgeous caitlin was born on the 15th sep 2006 and my birthday is exactly two weeks later, i love that we share a birthday month. I cant say its been easy with a husband that...


3 year old a little OCD

My daughter was born on September 26, 2006 and she has to have things a certain way... she has to sit in the same spot at the table and use the green spoon with her green bowl,...


stopping the thumb sucking! HELP!

I've been trying to stop my 4 yr old from sucking her thumb since it is destroying her mouth structure, i've tried the nail biters polish, dipping her thumb in tabasco, and...


Potty accidents at school

Hey I have a 4yr boy who started school this year and was fully potty trained. I also recently had a baby girl in september. People keep telling me that it's because the...


3 yr old still has a bottle!!! name is rish...i have a 3 yr old boy....who still wants to have milk in his bottle(once or twice a day)....i know that this is not right...but i have really tried...


Potty training 3 yr old boy!

My little boy has actively made the decision to not use the potty. I had him running around with nothing on the other day and he did a wee on the carpet, I said 'No, you do wee...