Potty accidents at school

Jennifer - posted on 11/10/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a 4yr boy who started school this year and was fully potty trained. I also recently had a baby girl in september. People keep telling me that it's because the attention has shifted from him to her and I said that he's still getting lots of attention. The school called me recently telling me that he had pooped in his pants and if he does it again he'll be sent home and he'll not be able to come back until next year.
What do I do?


Diane - posted on 01/03/2011




that sounds a bit harsh,,I mean he is still little and learning,accidents happen, I guess I could understand it better if he was having accidents daily or weekly but one or two...anyways,, my suggestion would be to explain to your son the truth, that if he has another accident he will not be able to go back to school,remind him how much he likes school and his friends and that if he does not go to school he wont see his friends as much as they would still be going to school. also my son (turned 3 today,and is only about half way potty trained,mostly by his choice) regressed alot when his baby sister was born,now he is trying to put more effert into talking and using the potty because he knows if he does not master them soon she will be ahead of him-I hope u understand what I mean,we do not tell them this they figured it out on there own,kids are very smart and understand more then they can show). So I understand your frustration of his accidents. also the attention we gave the two older ones did not change much when their baby sister was born as we included them with most of her care and attention so that they would not feel left our. My 4 year old changed (with me right there) her baby sisters diaper the other day and thought she was the best person on earth for doing it..so I guess my other suggestion would be just to include him in as much of her care as you can.
I hope this helps you and best of luck to you and your family!!

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