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Hi ladies! I'm thrilled to have found this group. My 3 year old daughter has a heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy (aka DCM). While it's not technically a congential heart disease (it was caused by a virus when she was in-utero), I hope you don't mind that I've joined! Her condition is rare and if I started my own group, I don't think there'd be any other members :(

I look forward to meeting everyone!


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Hi, DCM is Dilated Cardiomyopathy; basically it's a condition where the heart is stretched and/or swollen and cannot pump efficiently. There are many variations and each person afflicted usually has a different story to tell. In my daughter's case, her lower left chamber is slightly enlarged.

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Hi, she's doing very well; her condition has stabilized and has even shown improvement. We're on annual visits now instead of every three months, and she recently went to once a day medications--we were on twice daily since she was born, so this is fantastic! Overall, she's a healthy and happy 3 year old. Happy Friday!

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Happy to have you! I actually am new to facebook and started this group, i haven't checked in for a while and was shocked to see 16 members! I promise to get active today! How is your daughter doing?

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