son having ross procedure need emotional support

Shelagh - posted on 05/27/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi, my just turned 1 son is having the ross procedure done in just under 2 weeks and I am starting to get really scared. I know that if Shane didn't have it done that the outcome would be worse but it shakes me so much. Everything since he was born has been topsy turvy and I knew the day would come that he would need the surgery. But now the day is right around the corner and I don't feel emotionally prepared and I don't know how to handle the well of emotions. I've been waking up with panic attacks and in the day I sometimes get overcome and just cry holding him. I am not ready and I am so scared that it's going to end badly. If anyone's child has gone through this procedure or heart surgery in general could give me any tips or advice that would be helpful. Plus any questions I should be asking the cardiologist beforehand would be good too. Thank you, Shay


Amber - posted on 06/07/2010




My daughter Memphis had her ross done just after her 4th birthday and did great. she was in icu for only and few days and we were home in just over a week. One thing that did shock me was how fast the docs wanted her to walk and do things for her self as soon as we were out of icu. And the best thing to do is take care of your self as well the first day my daughter was in icu i was there all hrs and was told that i needed to go eat/ sleep call family while she was sleeping so i would be able to care for her when we moved to the ward. not sure how it will be in our hospital but once we got to the ward most of her care other then checks and meds was up to me and i was asked to stay the night then as well.
Memphis is now 7 and still doing great, at some point she may need another operation but right now all is fine.
i hope that helped, plz feel free to message me if there is anything else i can help with. i hope all goes well with the op and u are home as soon as can be ♥


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Megan Elizabeth - posted on 04/16/2013




Could you possibly email me? My 3 month old son is getting ready for the ross procedure on Friday and i'm seriously terrified. It will help to be able to talk to someone who knows exactly what to expect. Thank you sooo much.

Mirrhya - posted on 06/08/2010




I am not trying to be a smart ass. Honestly. But my doctor gave me a prescription for Ativan when my son was going in for his Glenn procedure. You are totally aware and able to take care of your child, but you feel a lot calmer. I know drugs aren't the answer for everything but it sounds a lot like you are in the same situation I was, and I looked at it like this, I can't take care of him if I am running around panicking all the time. Also both my doctor and my son's cardiologist told me it was fine to take while my son was still breast feeding. I was still stressed and scared to death. It doesn't take that away but it helps you function and deal with things rationally. I don't know if I helped at all but I hope so.

Renee - posted on 06/05/2010




Hi there! My son was born with an asd, vsd, coarctation of the aorta and a aortic valve wasn't formed properly. Jack had his valve reconstructed (along with everything else repaired), but the ross procedure was on the cards, and still may be down the track. I know how you must be feeling. We spent two months in hossy (Royal Children's in Melbourne) with Jack and saw so many babies and kids come in for surgery, and go home with smiles on their faces. I saw a baby girl much younger than your son come in for a ross procedure and was absolutely AMAZED at how quickly she recovered...she was sitting up in her bed playing and smiling from ear to gave me so much hope to see how successful the ross procedure was. These surgeons can make miracles happen..I have seen it first hand:)
My son son has had 7 ops in his first two months of life, he has a pacemaker and is about to turn 6 months tomorrow. I think the best thing you can do is look after yourself. Get lots of sleep, eat well and don't be afraid to cry. I found that it was exhausting sitting by my son's bedside, so my husband and I would sometimes be like a tag team, just to give each other a break. I really hope I have helped, and I hope all goes well for you and your son.

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