preteen hormones, staying sane when i want to break dow

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The other day, my child and I had a major disagreement. This led to her screaming, and yelling at me, which in turn I slightly raised my voice. I backed off, phoned a friend, got advice, vented.. My child... I ha e since then apologized, hugged her, took her shopping, told her I still love her, even when she feels that I don't. I feel like I'm going insane as a single parent of three children, but by keeping thing sane seems to be driving me insane. I just needed to ask how do you keep sane when there are different levels of female hormones flying about the house? Practice more of what I have been doing. Ask for a few minutes when I feel I'm losing it. But learn to talk to my child and let her know how I feel too... Rambling...sorry.. Heh


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i am not sure i would reword my kid for yelling at me and disrespecting me,, even if i yelled back at her/him as a mom u need to find a way to teach your girl that just cause shes mad or going though the changes she is to not act that way cause if you dont teach her then she will goout in the world and think its ok to yell and scream at people just cause shes going through a change or its that time of the month she as did we all has to learn how to control her feelings i think the part when u walked way was good cause it ddoes take two to argue haha i would say u need to find a way to punish her for yelling at u take things away etc but if you all get in a yelling match or fight and you go out and buy her things then she thinks wow all i have to do is yell and scream and i get to go shopping heck i would fight to if i got sometime out of it man i could use a new pair of shoes hehe sorry if i sound mean but its the truth

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