Kids with a Vascular Hemangioma Birthmark

My son was born with a vascular mass on his head. I'm still learning and receiving information on this. It happened while in the womb. There is no prevention that I know of and it was not detected on any of the hundreds of ultra sounds during my pregnancy. I was very sick on bed rest during this pregnancy which was my third and final. I would like other mom's with familiar situations to come forward, I would like to hear stories. My son was hospitalized for almost 4 months and had a 10 hour surgery to remove most of the vascular mass. It was the worst year of my life.My new baby had to go through more than most adults ever go through.Wow prayer really got me through this.I spent all my days in nights away at the hospital. Then finally he got to come home. He is a monster now. Just your average 15 month old boy what a stinker. All though we still have a rough journey ahead with the vascular mass that is still partially on his head. Riley hospital of Indianapolis saved my sons life. The Dr. was Dr. Havlic he was my son's angel. I'm hoping maybe mom's might have more info for me. So we can all have hope together.


My son

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