Kids With Chronic Conditions or Genetc Disorders

I am a mom of 3 amazing children. My youngest son has a rare genetic disorder called Asymmetric Crying Facies Syndrome. It is basically Velocardio Facial Syndrome minus congenital cardiac involvement. It took us 2 years to finally get a diagnosis. I have created this group uplift and support the special group of women out there that confront the challenges of raising a child with special care needs. Feel free to vent, reflect and post any questions about diagnosis, caring for healthy children while balancing the needs of a sibling with a chronic condition- or whatever else is on your mind for that matter. I hope this community can serve as a blessing and source of encouragement for all who join.



My name is Michelle. I have 2 little boys, Aiden - 3 1/2 & Torin - 1. Aiden has 22q11.2 Microduplication. We're still going to appointments & doing testing to see what all...