11 month old - peanut, pea, pork, milk and soy - any tips?

Patty - posted on 01/29/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My son was diagnosed with a milk allergy at 6 months. He started having more symptoms (vomiting, eczema, congestion) for the past month. After a month I decided it couldn't be a virus and took him for additional allergy testing. He tested positive for peanut, soy, pea and pork. Now that he has so many restrictions I'm looking for any tips to make things easier.

I also have a 3 year old who LOVES PB&J.



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Missy - posted on 03/24/2009




Find a whole foods store and it will change your life! We have one and it helped us a lot when my son was still allergic to soy (he recently grew out of this, he still has peanut, dairy, egg, chocolate, oats, and peas). Find a place with rice bread and start buying rice milk. The rice milk doesn't taste bad AND you can cook with it and I have found it works just as well as milk for baking - not so much for cooking other things. The vanilla rice milk makes things taste even better! The other things shouldn't be too hard to avoid, though start noting places that cook with peanuts - my son can't even go inside Chic-Fil-A because they cook with peanut oil. Not every kid is allergic to the oils, but it's not worth the risk.

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My son has severe egg allergies and is also allergic to milk. I have found a great website for cake/cookie mixes - cherrybrookkitchen.com. All of their mixes are dairy, egg, and nut free. I believe they also have some gluten free items. It was great to give my son a birthday cake for his first birthday - they are really good. So are the cookies and brownies, as well as their pancake mixes (my favorite).

Also, if your kids go to daycare or playgroups, I always gather the other children's birth dates in advance so that way I can send a "safe" piece of cake to the birthday parties with my son.

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So much of what is wrong with our bodies is caused by a compromised immune system.  Allergies, asthma, eczema, growth development, etc. As nutrition goes, even eating correctly is not going to give us enough of the nutrients we need for optimal nutrition.  The answer is high quality supplementation.   The body knows what to do with good nutrition when it gets it and is then able to combat and recover from all types of health concerns.  I know hundreds of moms whose children have benefited from this product and are healthy and happy today.   Would you like to hear from one of them?

These products are created for and safe for everyone young and old and are formulated to absorb within 20 -30 minutes.

This is a serious solution and will change your life.

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i know your feeling, its easier for me to list the items that Chase is allowed to have, he can have ONLY these( my parents dont like to listen to me so i have to make that part clear). ok so, he can have oatmeal, rice, barley, chicken, beef, turkey, and (cooked for an hour) fruits and veggies except mango. he cant have fruit juice or any kind of milk so he drinks Rice Dream, he loves it though. we get the vanilla flavor, he also drinks EO-28, a dietary suppliment, its crazy expensive but since putting him on it, hes gained 3 pounds in the last 2 months so now he is an even 26 pounds. good luck finding recipies, i've been looking and if you like, i can send along what i have found

Trisha - posted on 01/29/2009




We have all those but pork too.  And I feed everyone the way the allergic kid has to eat.  Try sunbutter in place of peanut butter--it tastes better than any other product.  And check out my blog on feeding kids with food allergies.


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