Introducing foods to babies with siblings with food allergy

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I have a son (2 years old) who is highly allergic to eggs (first reaction was anaphylactic, because of large quantity consumed). I also have a two month old daughter, and my son's allergy specialist has recommended I introduce eggs to her at 4 months old. I'm very nervous about introducing eggs to her in the first place, and even more so at such a young age. But if it reduces her chance of allergy, I will follow the advise.
I'd love to hear everyone else's opinion on this...


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I've got a second opinion from our health nurse, and the advice was the same. Apparently this is based on the latest research at our local children's hospital (where we also see the allergist) & is meant to reduce allergies. The info they gave me was full of references from recent research papers.
We are also seeing another allergist for a second opinion on my son's allergy management (as I'm not sure I agree with it), so I will ask the same question then.

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It's been a while since I had babies (DS 9, 12), but I vividly remember allergy info being WAIT to introduce, especially if there's ANY reason to suspect potential allergens.
Personally in your case I'd be waiting until DD is 1 year at least. :)
But then, I've never liked my new allergist either, and there may be new research out there. Can your allergist back up what he's recommending with research???

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