Need help with possible SOY allergy

Siobhan - posted on 01/30/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have a daughter who has gluten, dairy and citrus allergies. However, now we think our younger son (16 months) is exhibiting signs of food allergies as well. So far, I am suspicious of apples, tomatoes, olives and soy.
I am new to the soy thing and even though he reacts to soy milk and soy yogurt negatively, he doesn't seem to react to other foods that have soy lechiticin (sp?). I have heard conflicting ideas.
If I wanted to start him on a challenge...what is suggested? eliminating all soy or is it okay to try to keep the products that have the soy lechiticin (sp?)?
Any help would be sincerely appreciated.


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Siobhan - posted on 02/06/2010




Thank you so much for the help. We are going to try getting off this soy thing but, as our experience with gluten and dairy, there is a big learning curve. The little guy got ahold of something either yesterday or today and had major bottom issues - screamed to be held or sit down and even had trouble in the bath. Ugh! I thought we were over this with our first one, but now at least I know how to do a food diary. :)
Thanks for all the feedback. I will keep in touch. Best wishes to everyone!

Susan - posted on 02/05/2010




My 4 yo daughter is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, soy, all legumes, egg, and sesame. Her allergy to soy does not show as hives, but causes coughing and vomiting. During the time she was on soy (before we knew) she had a chronic cough and would vomit an hour or so after eating anything containing soy. We marinated with soy sauce frequently. She has been off soy since age 2 but is allowed soy lecithin and soybean oil as these are broken down enough that she does not react to them. Hope that helps some. Good luck.

Missy - posted on 02/03/2010




I would also avoid all soy and then speak with your allergist about the differences. My daughter has a soy allergy and we avoid both.

Melanie - posted on 02/01/2010




Soy lecithin is processed differently than soy yogurt and soymilk so the body may react differently to them. I have heard of kids that are allergic to milk, but can have milk that has been baked into foods as it changes the protein enough to make it tolerable by the body... I would avoid all soy (easier said than done!) and talk to the allergy dr. about it, but I am way more cautious than maybe I need to be. Good luck and keep us posted! If you come up with something that works, please let us know! :)

Gina - posted on 01/30/2010




My son is allergic to soy but has always done fine w/Soy Lecithan. My Allergist said it is completely safe. I'd suggest staying away from all other soy products.! Good luck!

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