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Does anyone else have kids with allergies to oranges? My son is anaphlectic and my daughter breaks out in hives and gets extemely ill.


Nicole - posted on 07/24/2012




I just found out today my son is allergic to oranges,grapes,watermelon,cantalope,mold and fall weeds...He breaks out very bad and itches and has a cough.:(

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My son started out the same way, rash around his mouth, then his body, now in his mouth etc. If he ingests oranges or anything that has touched an orange he gets violently ill if he's touched by it he breaks out in hives. I'm so glad to see that there is other kids out there. He's now and thinks that he and sister are the only kids in the world with the allergy.

We however seem to be ok with lemon juice. He sometimes get a small rash from it but not always and he never gets sick from ingesting it. Citrus allergies suck there is so much with it in it.


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Gigi - posted on 08/18/2012




Citrus fruits are chemically different from one another based on rind color (orange, yellow, green and pink) Some kids have bad reactions to high acid content in orange or grapefruit juice. That's what they thought it was with me when I was about 10 and started having problems with oranges. By about 13 I was in full anaphlactic shock. It never wore down for me. However, it is an easier food to avoid!

Rachael - posted on 01/30/2009




my daughter used to get swollen lips and red face after oranges or pure orange juice. She is now 17 and this seems to have eased

Linda - posted on 01/25/2009




My son is allergic to oranges and lemons (we're assuming all citrus at this point) as well as many other allergies. He brakes out in a rash around his mouth if he has the tiniest bit.

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