Kids with PID

This group is for parents of CHILDREN affected by a Primary Immune Deficiency. Please feel free to join if you have a child affected by one of these diseases. Please feel free to share experiences and advice regarding current medical management of a PID, IVIG treatments, medicines used to treat conditions caused by PID's (bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma, reflux, GI problems, autoimmune diseases,etc.) and to talk about sibling issues related to having a PID sib.



Sorry for the major delay in getting a thread started. I am totally new to starting up a group, so you'll have to try to bear with me here. I belonged to another group online...

Started by Rogena on 11/27/2008 in Kids With PID

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Still there?

Is anyone still actively talking here?

Started by Ann on 10/19/2009 in Kids With PID

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Hello everyone

Hello, My name is Laura and I have a son(Alex 12) effected by PID. He does SubQ every week, and I have seen a dramatic difference in his health. Anyway, just wanted to say...

Started by Laura on 12/02/2008 in Kids With PID

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IVIG Questions

We are planning to start my daughter's IVIG therapy this spring and I was hoping I could get some feedback on possible side effects, effectiveness of the therapy and general...

Started by Jackie on 03/08/2009 in Kids With PID

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Well I have to say that because of this site I don't feel as isolated as I once did. I have alot of helpful people at the moment telling all the things I'm doing wrong and that...

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Hello everyone!

Hello, my name is Abbie and my 4 year old son Nicholas was diagnosed with hypogammaglobulinemia March 2007. He was treated with IVIG for 1 year and has been on a trial off for...

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I'm fairly new to FB and just joined the Circle of Moms- what a great group! My daughter just turned 5-years-old and was FINALLY diagnosed with IgG deficeincy. After several...

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