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Joanne - posted on 05/31/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 8 month son has Eczema and he is on Nan 1HA formula, we changed him to Soy formula last week hoping to clear up his eczema and to assist with his vomiting of food/milk. It seems to have helped in this area however his eczema is worse. Does anyone have any thoughts on Soy Formula and Goats Formula.


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Ariel - posted on 06/01/2009




A lot of kids that have milk allergies have soy allergies as well. Allergy is really a poor term for infant food problems, they are really an intolerance or inability to properly digest the proteins. Which means he will likely grow out of it in time. There are hypo-allergenic formulas available such as Nutramigen, they are incredibly expensive and may require a pediatrician's ok to buy them. Goat's milk is easier to digest than cow's milk, it might work out, just check with your doc first and make sure you get it pasteurized as it can carry listeria bacteria.

Anna - posted on 06/01/2009




Hi mum,

you should probably see a specialist about formula your boy might likely be allergic to soy too (sorry to tell you).

My son had terrible eczema from 3 months and i went off everything (breast feeding at the time) but soy and his skin was still awful, I think also because I wasnt having dairy i doubled up on soy.

He's on formula that the dr prescribes- Neocate LCP, a low allergen formula and on a Dairy, Wheat, Egg, Nut and Soy free diet... His skin is a lot easier to maintain at the moment.

Try to get on to an allergist who could do some testing. Specialist waiting list takes forever. I found it helpful to have a dietician too, if you end up having an allergist and skin specialist Medicare has an 'advance care..(something)' where you get reimbursed 95% for seeing a dietician.

All the best mama, let me know how you go.

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