My son has a horrible rash on his arm...

Nicole - posted on 03/27/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




He has a horrible rash on the inside of his arm. He was born with eczema and allergic to milk based formulas. When he was about 9 months I started giving him regular milk and he seemed fine. Now that he is 2 his eczema has recently gotten alot worse. It's on the inside of his arms mostly but spreads in other places. At first I thought it was from milk, so I switched it to soy. The rash cleared up a little bit, than when I sent him to his Grandma's for the weekend he came back with it worse than it has ever been before. I have been using Aquaphor and it has worked tremendously. Though this time it's not working as well. His rash seems to be spreading into bumps now. I'm worried about this rash being something more than just eczema. So if you have any advice let me know :)

Ps. I tried taking him to a dermatologist but I had to be referred by a doctor. And since I don't have a ride during the hours they are open I would have to walk so I can't really go see a doctor at the moment. So I'm just curious to what your opinions are.

Thanks! Nicole


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What kind of cleaning and laundry products do you use?
If you are using conventional cleaners from the store they are probably making things worse. I'd suggest gettign rid of the toxic cleaners and try something less harsh.
If you need help deciding what to use, just email me at My daughter has allergies and asthma, so I have some experience changing things in our home to make things better for her.

Nidya - posted on 05/05/2011




Hopefully it has cleared up by now! My son's eczema cleared up, but not too long ago he ate cheese and it showed up again on the inside of his arm and thigh. It is almost gone, but it has been about 4 weeks now since it started. My guess is that his system needs to get all the "cheese" effects out before it clears up good. He had it bad once before under his neck, and it was red and bumpy and the doctor said it had gotten infected that is why it was not going away. He had me put yeast infection cream (i used Vagisil and clotrimazol) and some hydrocortizone. Right now, i've just been keeping it moisturized with aquaphor 3x a day. It started like a lot of little red bumps, then the entire area became red and crusty, not it just looks red and irritated and, God willing, it will go away 100% soon! Needless to say, no more cheese for him! I feed him only goat milk; it is a little more expensive, but now he's 2 and doesn't drink as much so it is easier on the purse :)

Hope this helps!

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