does anyone else have a child with a juice/fruit allergy? help please!

Lisa - posted on 02/23/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have a 16 month old son and every time he drinks ANY juice (even diluted down to mostly water) he breaks out in the most horrible diaper rash with open sores on his poor little bottom. I've noticed he does this with most fruits also aside from applesauce and peaches. His pediatrician said something about the acid in his poop (LOL sorry i don't know how to explain it) problem is I don't know what else to give him to drink. Currently he's drinking 2% milk and that's the only thing. He refuses to drink water and I'm concerned as to what to give him to drink during the hot summer months to come. Any ideas/advice is appreciated! ♥ Lisa


JoAnna - posted on 02/26/2009




Dear Lisa,

  I have allergies to fruit, due to high yeast in my body due to chronic illness I have and am working on, I could not have sugar in any foarm as a child either due to chronic illness and Lupus (i dont have the lupus anymore yeah!), I use Stevia and Xylitol both wonderful all natural sweeteners that do not mess up with the glycemic index. for instece I can purchase stevia droppers naturally flavored such as root beer vanilla, raseberry and so forth and you can flavor his water with those. and when he gets older you can purchase Zevia all natural sodas or Virgils diet sodas sweetened with xylitola and stevia. I know how it is water gets borning fast andI can even have dairy so if you flavor his water alittle i think it would help him drink it as well for water is one of the best liquids he could have! and remember you can also take some club soda or shelzer water and kinda make your own bubbly drink (pherhaps when he is older since he is 16 months). Hope this helps and best wishes!!


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Anornerypenguin - posted on 11/17/2016




Sleepy time tea has valerian which is not recommended for children, I wouldn't give it to him.

Magen - posted on 10/05/2012




my baby is the same way and it has been that way ever since he was able to drink juice at 6 months old. he is now almost 2 and his rashes will become even that bad within a matter of an hour... i dont understand and ya his bottom bleeds and everything so were on the same page i just dont know what to do about it. he needs the juice but he cant have it

Darlajean - posted on 08/09/2009




Please go to It help all my childern and me. Read everything on the web-site and listern to the Video. Dr. William Sears, MD FRCP is wonderful Pediation. Their are so many Doctors that support The Free Childerns Research Foundation, it Blessed us. Darlajean

Trisha - posted on 02/23/2009




Try iced Sleepy Time tea by Celestial Seasonings.  Make it per the instructions hot, stir in a good dollop of honey then pour it over ice, slap it in a sippy cup and pass it onto the tot.  This will also help soothe his tummy.  It's a sweet, minty tea.


There is no reason not to give him any herbal teas that don't contain any funky herbs like valerian.  


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