Feeding a one-year old with dairy allergy

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Hi Moms,

We have recently figured out that my daughter can't have dairy (of any kind). She's 15 months old, and only has four teeth, so she isn't so into foods that require a lot of chewing. I have found it to be very difficult to find foods for her and feel like she eats the same 5 things every day. I need ideas for lunches and dinners that are dairy free, but that are still in the realm of a "soft" food.

Any ideas/recipes etc? Thanks in advance!


Amanda - posted on 10/01/2009




You could use rice milk. that way she could have anything you would normally make with milk. you could also try goats milk products. they make goats cheese and stuff like that... i think they may even have yougart. you could also try soy. becareful with the soy becuase if they get to much of it early on they can become allergic to it. thats wht happened to me. anyway... those may be some suggestions... if you need more let me know my daughter has the same problem plus more allergies.

Jennifer - posted on 11/09/2009




I found out very early on ( around 3 weeks old) that my daughter couldn't have any dairy products, she is now 17 mos old ... We use rice milk ( i bought it in the natural foods section of the grocery store) and I substitue that with any recipe I have that calls for milk... She loves fruit and veggies so for snacks she always had soft fruits cut up, unsweetened applesauce, I would make my own, and add more fruits to it as well, like strawberries and bananas ... soft breadsticks, raisins, crackers - my little one loves crackers (veggie crackers) and they soften up in her mouth she never had a problem with them.... as for dinners, I make alot of casseroles, tomato based, with pastas or rice with beef or chicken, .. best of luck :)

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my daughter is allergic to dairy we give her coconut milk and coconut milk products like they have a yogurt...


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My daughter has a severe dairy allergy and her allergist says "no goats milk." Unfortunately she is also allergic to rice, soy and nuts. I use zuccini milk for cooking. (I have a recipe if you are interested). My daughter eats fruits, veggies and meats. I have learned it is all about spices to add variety. Cinnamon, garlic, and everything in between. Try the "uncommon" like hummus and avocado. My daughter just loves guacomole :)

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My daughter also has a dairy allery. She can eat yogurt and she can have Soy or Rice milk. I have also found Soy cheese for her. I reccomend mixing up her vegetables. Chicken with carrots, will taste different than Chicken with sweet Potatoes. Just mix and match what ever ingredients your using.

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