milk and soy protein induced colitis

Emily - posted on 08/24/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Anyone else with a babe suffering, or recovered from this? my soon to be 9 month old was diagnosed at 6 months , FINALLY after months of unexplained weight loss, lack of weight gain, extreme Gerd and many many many many tests. Finally he had blood in his stool and mucus too- so we removed milk proteins, including breastfeeding- and he's a different baby. He was put on NeoCate, but we weren't seeing MUCH difference in the beginning, he was still very small and thin. He spent some time at our local sick kids hospital [toronto] and they added to his diagnosis...he has Gerd, milk and soy protein induced colitis, and a hyperactive metabolic rate. So he is now getting a 4x concentrated mix of NeoCate, as well as homemade rice and oatmeal cereals, fruits, and veggies. He was on meat but stopped tolerating them as well, maybe too complex for his little system to break down?

So- for those with little ones with the issue- how are you coping? Do you have any great recipes for teething biscuits , or know of a brand that sells good tasting ones? we found a brand in our natural foods store, but they look and taste like dog biscuits...and they're super expensive! I have come to realize though, that his diagnosis- means EVERYTHING is super expensive.


Taryn - posted on 08/25/2010




my little boy who is now 21/2 went though almost the same thing. we did neocate til he was 9 months. we went to rice dream rice drink. he did so much better!! he started gaining weight and acting "normal"! he eats baby mum mums biscuits. he still does. he can't have gluten either so they are prefect. i buy them at walmart they are with the baby food. look at walmart and target. i have found a lot of stuff my son can eat and cheaper then our health food store. but yes it is expensive.

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