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My son is 9 months old now he was diagnosed with the milk and soy allergy at around 6 weeks he had allergic colitis and had large amounts of blood and mucus in his stool at that time he was put on special formula Elecare which we have been on since..At about 4.5 months we tried Beechnut Rice cereal and ended up in the ER with severe vomiting, we were told to try again in a few weeks so we did same horrible reaction. The docs told us to not give him anything as far as solide go until he was 6 months old so we did..At 6 months we tried starting with your stage 1 baby foods and evrything seem to do well..Until we tried Oatmeal he had the same reaction that he did with the ricecereal. Now he is 9 months old and very interested in what everyone else is eating the doc says we need to be giving him table food and things that he can pick up and eat on his own..Prob is I dont know what to feed him he refuses to eat any fruit so all I can get him to eat is meat and peas and carrots...Any suggestions??



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I can understand how you feel.My eight moth old son has banana, rice,oats,chicken,cows milk allergy - I still havent tried soya.

he is just on carrots and apples.Have you tried apples? I peel them ,roughly chop an apple and then microwave it with little water for 5 minutes.if im using 2 apples then for 7-8 minutes.To give it flavour I soak two dates in hot water for 1-2 minutes remove the skin and puree it with carrots or apples or both. I have recently tried semolina powder(a form of wheat product) lightly stir it in warm oil and then add hot boiling water to it with little sugar-it has a good paste like consistency and tastes like rice cereal. if your little one doesnot have wheat allergy you can try it. If you hae any questions feel free to mail at Gud luk to us.

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