What to eat at restraunts/fast food with milk & egg allergy?

Jennifer - posted on 09/08/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




My son is anaphalactic to milk and eggs. When we go out he usually just gets a hot dog and fries, Hamburger happy meal, or Chicken selects (Mc Donalds) and just wanted to see if anybody has found milk and egg safe food.



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My son is also allergic to milk and eggs, as well as some other things. We usually stick to fast food restaurants because their ingredients are pretty consistent. When we go to McDonald's, he eats a plain hamburger patty, fries, and a root beer. If you ask for "plain," they understand that to mean nothing on it. I still check every time before we leave the drive-thru. McDonald's, Burger King, and others post the ingredients of their menu online. This has helped me to broaden our selections. (Oddly enough, the fries list a dairy ingredient, but our son has never reacted to them, and he is highly allergic. Every person is different.)

We also go to diner style restaurants sometimes. Usually, we order a side of bacon and plain oatmeal for him. These are foods he likes. Unfortunatly, we find that fried food is the safest bet for him because its more likely to be cooked in oil instead of butter.

You mentioned that you get hot dogs. My son had reactions to beef hot dogs & we found out that they sometimes contain traces of dairy from cow udders (eww!) Thought I would pass that along in case it becomes a problem for you. We get the Oscar Meyer turkey weiners at home. I have wondered if the Kosher hot dogs were safe though...haven't checked that out yet.

Hope that helps!

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Hotdogs contain milk products. Kosher are safe because meat and dairy can't be mixed. Do you realize most breaded chicken contains milk and/or eggs? They aren't safe for kids with those allergies. Also, some restaurants have egg/dairy in their burgers. Sonic is one of them. Most restaurants will accomidate you if you tell them you have an allergy. Cracker Barrell is really good about preventing cross-contamination if you tell them. Their company policy tells them to clean a portion of the grill and use clean utensils for people with allergies. Lone Star Steakhouse is also good.

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I have never but when my son eatsout we go to Outback steakhouse and he can eat i' listed as gluten free. and if we go to mac donalads it's plain patty apples and water ir serria mist.


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McDonald's uses butter on their buns. They are not dairy free. Also hotdogs contain Caisen, a milk protein, as do most lunch meats. The only way to safely eat processed meat products is to buy kosher

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My 8 yo son is alergic to milk protien, eggs,beef, and lamb so I know that Burger Kings chicken fries are safe, Long John Silvers chinken plank and the fish plank are safe and at Taco Bell he gets the chicken soft taco without the cheese. When it comes to regular restraunts my husband and I usually go on a date to any local places and check things out before we go as a family. Some places even have the allergy info printed on the menu. Places like Dennys because they serve breakfast all day they dont clean the grill in between making eggs and a burger so I would avoid them unless they have something thats fried that your son can eat.

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Claire, thanks for mentioning to tell the server to grill the steaks plain...I can't believe I forgot to mention that!

ALWAYS tell the server about allergies. Most restaurants are really helpful so long as you tell them!

Lonestar is always so helpful, they actually know us now (on Tuesdays all of my kids can eat free). We still remind them of the food allergies, but they are so helpful and we have never had a problem there.

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Wherever you go, order Kosher whenever possible. It will avoid cross-contamination. In reference to the hot dogs, unless it is listed as Kosher, hot dogs have pork casings (even if it's not listed in the ingredients). My sister is severely allergic to pork and can only eat Kosher dogs, which is handy since Kosher foods include no pork at all :)
The steakhouses mentioned by other moms are good, but you must make sure to tell the server to grill the steak plain. Both Lonestar and Outback cook their steaks in butter.

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my daughter is 14 months we right we just order her a side of fruit and some steamed veggies

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My daughter also has allergies to egg and dairy. From my understanding (I checked the McD's website) their french fries contain dairy. If you have any Qdoba's close to you I find that their Mexican gumbo is good--as are many of their burritos (of course, without the cheese or sour cream--I have them substitute the guacamole instead). Unfortunately when you eat out there's always the chance for cross contamination )-:

Jennifer - posted on 09/22/2009




I never thought about the milk from udders. Do they just throw the whole cow in there? Thats gross! But I will keep that in mind next time i buy hotdogs.

I'm worried about getting my son food from diners because of all the eggs and cheese they put on the grill. We went to Dennys before and ordered my son a hamburger (letting them know about his allergies before hand) and I guess they cook everything togther. Needless to say he blew up like a balloon!

Anyways, Thanks for the info about the ingredients online. I had no idea!

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