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Wheat (but not gluten), Eggs, Milk, & Soy

Julie - posted on 02/27/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My daughter has all of the allergens listed in the subject. Plus she seems to have an intolerance to chicken, apples, some citrus, strawberries, and possibly more that we haven't discovered yet. Anyone else in this boat? What are you serving?


Motomi - posted on 03/02/2009




Hi, Julie. My son is allergic to the same things except milk and he is allergic to few others. But we are questioning if my son is allergic or intolerance to milk. Milk never showed up on the allergy tests but his Eczema seems to act up a lot with Milk. I'm always looking for new recipes as I'm sure you have.

Currently I've been feeding him oat meal in the morning. since I'm avoiding milk, I can't give him evaporated milk/butter so I just put small amount of sugar and applesauce. Only ones I've been able to find that is wheat free is plain oat meal by Quakers. Either quick quaker oat or old fashioned. I used to give him grits as well.

We eat a lot of rice in our household for lunch and dinner and meat/fish, fresh fruits. I prepare different kind of rice with carrots, onion, and different meat in his rice to take to daycare. I roast different veggies and my son seems to eat pretty much any veggies when roasted. But his favorite is fried potatoes/sweet potatoes.

There are more products for gluten-free at specialty stores now a days but what I found is that most of them contain soy! There aren't that many ready-made products that are wheat, egg, soy, and milk free. You can try Enjoy Life products though. that's the one I usually buy. And also for bread, I usually buy tapioca bread by Ener-G. I do have egg replacer and make pancakes, cupcakes, etc by mixing different flours like rice/tapioca flour, etc.

My son eats Rice chex for snack as well. They often sell popped corn cereal that aren't very expensive. We are avoiding corn at the moment so I haven't looked around for corn. I wonder if store bought popcorn contain any of the allergens...

Feel free to send me messages if you want specific recipes. And also if you find other ideas/products, please do let me know as well!

Good luck!

Paige - posted on 03/01/2009




Hi Julie, My son is allergic to Wheat/Gluten, Eggs, and peanuts. I give him alot of meats, veggies and fruits and that usually keeps him full but sometimes I bake him stuff with flour that I get from a whole foods market. I use Ener-G products b/c they are free of alot of allergens! They make a product called Ener-G egg replacer and I use that whenever I bake him stuff. It doesn't hold things together quite as well as reg. eggs but it taste good! For his 2nd birthday, I had to make his whole cake from scratch using rice flour (among other things) for the flour part of the cake and egg replacer. No one could tell the difference from his cake and a reg. cake. It was really good, like a lighter chocolate flavored cake. You can find these products online or if you live near a whole foods market or wegman's they have alot of stuff there. I also bought a couple of celiac cook books to aid me in my cooking. He doesn't have Celiac disorder but it has alot of good recipes. The intolerances that she has hopefully will go away. When my son was first tested, he had allergies to: wheat, gluten, oat, barley, rye, soy, eggs, peanuts, and milk. That list has shorten (thank goddness), so there is some hope. Let me know if this was helpful! Good luck!


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Darlajean - posted on 08/09/2009




Please go to It help all my childern and me. Read everything on the web-site and listern to the Video. Dr. William Sears, MD FRCP is wonderful Pediation. Their are so many Doctors that support The Free Childerns Research Foundation, it Blessed us. Darlajean

Julie - posted on 03/04/2009




Thanks for all of your replies.  It is a challenge, but I'm managing with similar products.  I do like the Enjoy Life products and Garden of Eatin'.  I feel bad about all the red meat I feed her, but since chicken is out of the picture, there's not much else.

Zoe - posted on 03/04/2009




My 23 month old little girl is allergic to nuts and possibly wheat  and some dairy, we went to see the consultant last thursday, he wasnt much help. they said the rast tests they did came back inconclusive. so they couldnt tell me what she is allergic to. he said just try different foods and wait for a reation. We have medicine from the GP if she does but I found them little help. I am making alot of my own foods now and just reading all the packets trying to avoid these foods. Someone told me to phone the NHS DIRECT helpline for  advise, they have booklets with all nut free foods etc in to help us. Its got to be worth a phone call, everything helps. If anyone knows of people who can help please let me know,

thanks Zoe x

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