kindergarten at homeschool

group for moms or dads that homeschool a kindergarten age child--ages 4-6 or so.


homeschooling vs e-schooling

hi all. i use a govermently funded program called connections academy. and they have a fourm for tips and such and a woman who will remain nameless.. posted this about the...


Hi there!

Hello everyone! My name is Alexis and I am homeschooling my exuberant 5 year old son. He is in kindergarten. We have a lot of fun, lots of good days, and our fair share of...


need help teaching #'s 20 and 30

I am homeschooling my 5 year old (kindergarten). I am having a problem teaching her the difference between 20 and 30. If you have any ideas or activities that I could do with...


new to homeschooling

We will begin homeschooling in the fall...I know its a while away but I am trying to prepare so I am ready and I have a few concerns and questions. I don't know any moms that...


I'm New here- introduction

New but this is the last year I'll homeschool Kindergarten. My youngest of 7 is 1/2 way through the PreSchool products I bought and starting Kindergarten Math.



Hi! I'm Kate. I'm at the veeeery beginning of our homeschooling journey with a high-energy 3 yr old who is very excited to learn to read and playing basic phonics games. I...



Hi, I'm Karen. I've been homeschooling Libby,4, since September. We love it. We've mostly been working on letter sounds and learning to write her letters and numbers. She...


Hello! Homeschooling K & 4th grade

Hey All! I'm really looking forward to getting some great ideas. I have a 10 year old son that I have homeschooled from day one. He is now in a tiny little class with 4 friends...