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hi all. i use a govermently funded program called connections academy. and they have a fourm for tips and such and a woman who will remain nameless.. posted this about the difference between homeshcooling and e-schooling... what do you think?

Each year, many families that are new to CA use the term 'homeschooling' to describe what they are embarking upon. I positively *wince* when I hear others do that, and I know that our teachers and administrators do, too.

I know this might sound bossy.... or a little preachy, even. My apologies in advance.

PLEASE don't use the term 'homeschool' to describe your family's educational choice.


There are very good reasons why we as parents MUST *NOT* do that.

1. It irritates those families that really *are* true homeschoolers. They do *not* want state government to have any more control over what they do as homeschoolers-- and are distinctly uneasy when virtual school families muddy the waters. They know (as those who haven't homeschooled may not) that the state controls our curriculum, our school calendar, etc. None of those things are true for families that are really homeschooling; they select each textbook (if, indeed, they use them at all) and make decisions about every aspect of what and how their children are learning... and they pay for it *all* themselves. Homeschooling families are *mostly* doing so because they fundamentally disagree with the approach favored by traditional schooling. The very notion that the state might see a way to mandate homeschool curriculum is seen as an erosion of parental homeschooling rights. (Rightly so.) Virtual schools *use* the same basic mission as other public schools-- so this really isn't homeschooling.

2. The second reason is that it makes it VERY much more difficult in states where virtual education is currently 'under fire' from the bricks-and-mortar educational establishment (and there are several of them)-- lawmakers and boards of education are already DEEPLY suspicious of what they see as 'state-funding' for 'homeschooling.' Many lawmakers truly believe that homeschooling should NEVER be paid for by tax dollars... and that furthermore, this *must* be homeschooling under another name, since parental involvement features so heavily in the model. Our schools work tirelessly to promote and educate the public about what virtual education IS-- and just as importantly, what it is *not.*

Each time a family says 'homeschooling,' it reinforces these misconceptions-- something that our administrators work VERY hard to overcome. Let's not make their work any harder. :-)

I definitely make a conscious effort to use the following terms INSTEAD of 'homeschool':

virtual school

distance education/learning

home-based public school

Yes, people may look at me like I have three heads; at least initially. I consider it a chance to do some outreach and help our school. It gives me an opening to explain how a virtual school operates. This is all a huge mystery to most people. Bear in mind that people often FEAR what they do not understand. When you take the time to explain virtual education to your family and neighbors, you are creating well-informed voters. Why say "homeschooling" when you could use that opportunity to extoll the virtues of VIRTUAL schooling?


and my reply to this was:

WOW! i don't see that as much as a issue. I am proud to say that i HOMESCHOOL my kids. wether you call it eschooling, charter school, public school at home... you are still homeschooling you kids. to me my kids not going to public school which most call it book and mortar school, i call it public school, is because my school district is so bad, and i live in a small country town where there are say between 500 and 1000 kids in our school system. our school system is a shame to society. my homeschooling using connections academy as a guide, while i still include bible study and my own stuff. yes CCA is my primary but i still "homeschool". i have the right to call it whatever i want. and i don't find that offensive. i have relatives that "homeschool" there children and its the same thing. they don't use CA, they spend hundreds of dollars on a lot of the same stuff, i don't have to do that everything i use is given to me by the goverment. i choose to use something i already pay for in the long run through taxes. i just purchase extras such as bible study materials and other books such as teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons. this is america and i have the right to "HOMESCHOOL" my kids however i want and use whatever words i want to describe what i do at home with my children in the way that i school them. thanks. and hope no offence is taken. we all have different opinions.


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I can definitely see both sides of it. Homeschooling and E-Schooling are very different, but I think a parent that uses e-schooling in addition to their own methods is a home-schooler.

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