Kindergarten mommies

For mommies who have kids in kindergarten.


face wipe

How can i teach a special needs child to wipe her own face


My daughter will not shut her mouth!!!!!

We have always had issues with our daughter talking. ALWAYS. since she could talk she would neglect her naps and sit in her room and talk, wasnt much of an issue until we had...


At my wits end

I feel very lost right now. I am a mother of a 14 year old (almost 15) and a 5 year old. Our lives no matter how hard we try are controlled by the 5 year old. I am yet to figure...


All day kindergarten makes my child mean

My 5 year old starts her day at 7. She does not get home until after 4pm. She is tired and cranky EVERYDAY. I have adjusted her bed time to 745pm to try to assure she has enough...


First day of Kindergarten horror stories.

Did anyone have a first day horror story? There was a kid in my sons class that started throwing things and dropped the F Bomb to his mom and to the rest of the class while the...



My 5 year old has been in Kindergarten for 3 weeks now, he still will not use the Bathroom. Any suggestions on how to get my kid to use the bathroom?


First grade transfer in Wisconsin?

My daughter is on Sep 9 2007. She missed the cutoff(5 by Aug 31) in WI for kindergarten and is doing preschool at a private school. She is very bright and does socially and...


Need advice about my daughter!

My 5 year old, soon to be 6 started kindergarten this past September. She does wonderful in school, with the occasional slip up of not finishing her work because she's...