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Kinship/Relative Foster and Adoptive Mom's

This group is to lend support to and be a gathering place for Foster/Adoptive mom's of kinship or relative placements. This is a sensitive kind of placement that completely involves entire families. If you are in this type of Situation we Welcome you! Kinship or relative adoption= somone in your family had a baby and placed it for adoption. Someone that you are related to no matter how far down the line needed foster care for their child, or chose an adoption plan. NOTE: There will be religious content, ie references to God in this community!


trying need help

Me and my boyfriend have raised and provided for his niece since she was a month old she is now 20 months old we are trying to get custody so if a medical emergency comes up we...



Hello everyone, Just a week ago one of my husbands relative's came to live with us, He is 13 and a boy. we have two little girls so this is all new to me. Going from rising just...


Hello Ladies!

I just wanted to encourage you all to feel free to start a topic. If you don't see something and you have a question, a thought, a rant or just need to share your story, PLEASE...


Special Traditions

I was wondering if anyone has a special tradition they partake in during the holiday's. For example: Do you participate in Ash Wednesday, Lent, Passover, Easter, or Ostara?...