Lactose Intolerant Babies & Children

Babies drink Milk from the minute they are born, but what happens when the Milk that you continue to give them continually makes them cry and gives them belly ache! This is what happened to our daughter Chloe, who then had Lactose Free formula until she was 2 years old and yes we had to keep sterilising until she could drink Lacto Free Milk and have Lacto free yoghurts. Hundreds of sachets of Gaviscon later and she is doing really well!


4 month old lactose free

soo i have just found out my daughter is lactose intolerant and just needs some help/advice on what i do when she gets older and starts solids and stuff what do i feed her she...



so ive almost weaned my 7 week old off the breast and strictly breastmilk bottled, now i just need to get him to take formula i just dont no what would be better for him, im...



omg my 1yr old loves chocolate, now he can only have dairy free chocolate and thats too rich and dark 4 him. its the only chocolate i can find!!! help!!! any1 know where i can...



chipsticks are the only crisps that i have found that have no milk in, it so hard to look at every single packet of crisps in asda to see if they have milk or cheese in. and i...



Our baby girl Paige is Lacotose intolerant. she was so ill until we discovered what it was! now she is a thriving happy baby at 7 months. the thing i am finding the hardest is...