annoying issue.... but a small victory too.

Jessica - posted on 08/08/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




OK. I live in an apartment. My managers do not like me.... why?

because the squeaky wheel gets greased, and nobody squeaks more when their is a problem.

They won't fix anything, they keep telling people lies about me to make my life miserable, they keep trying to charge us for things not only not on our lease but that they don't charge anyone else, and once again, they harass us in every way possible... especially regarding my religion.

I live next to the complex gossip girl/rumor mill. I know what they say, who believes it, and in turn I tell her what I know. a necessary evil. it takes all kinds to live in this world.

They got wind of it.... and she herself relayed my apartment is spotless, contrary to their excuse for "not coming inside to fix stuff" which is a load of crap, because they fixed our ac... they just won't fix anything else.

I now have a credit on next months rent as well as the satisfaction of the look on her face. Their is a use for "drama".... and now I must go bake something for her..... to thank her. I know it sounds bad, but without her drama, my drama would be more than it already is.




Shannintipton - posted on 08/08/2011




I love it. Use it to your advantage. Why not. That is how the world works. Good for you. :)

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