Anybody Like To Paint???


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Shannintipton - posted on 07/19/2011




I am sorry Carolee. But do to the limited space on the board. I am unable to keep new communities pinned. I have too many of my things pinned. LOL I wish you all the best with your community. Please feel free to post about your community as many times as you want. :)

Leah - posted on 07/18/2011




Love to paint ceramics. But being a truck driver, has stopped me from having the time to paint. It is so relaxing to me to have a paint brush in my hands and let the piece I am painting put me in an altered state of mind. It is what allowed me to get threw some difficult times of raising an ADHD, BiPolar child. There were times I felt alone & had no where to turn, so I turned to painting.

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