Banning milk in schools is doing more harm than good?


Denikka - posted on 07/26/2012




For fuck's sakes. . .REALLY?!?!?

What is wrong with these morons. Milk is perfectly fine for you. Even the fat content is a natural, healthy fat. You NEED a certain amount of GOOD fat in your diet. It helps you to absorb and digest certain vitamins among other things. Just like you need a certain amount of salt in your diet.

They keep demonizing all these good foods. Someday we're not going to be able to eat anything because everything is going to be bad for you.

Keep the flavoured milk out of schools. I agree with that wholeheartedly. Don't give school age kids whole milk...stick with 1% or whatever. Okay, I can accept that. But if you REALLY want to stop kids from getting fat/ about you don't declare pizza and ketchup as vegetables. How about you give kids REAL food in the cafeterias...INCLUDING vegetables. And how about you stop cutting down on lunch and recess times. Stop cutting sports programs. Stop cutting gym or allowing *theory* gym times.

Give kids REAL, unprocessed FOOD and get them moving. Teach them how to cook so that the problem with that doesn't perpetuate through to the next generation. Obesity problem solved. Sure, there's always going to be fat people. But at the rate we're currently going, skinny people are going extinct.

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