Do you get really weird dreams?

Katherine - posted on 02/23/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




This is inspired by CoM CHAT.

Mine are SO vivid and they last all night with the same dream. In fact just last night I had a really cool one, didn't want to wake up! We infiltrated a rehab place lol! It was like a movie. We commandeered it. Then we had to figure out how to catch all the *bad* people. It was crazy.


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YES! And there are lots of mornings when I want to go back to sleep just so I can finish the dream! (not lately though, I'm very glad to wake lately.)

One really odd one, and this is comical, what the shampoo kingdom dream (dubbed so by my dh because I made the mistake of telling him about it). We (me, the shampoo king, his commanding officers, and occasionally the queen (conditioner)) were in this underground cave with purple and red lighting reflecting off of rock walls, and a big map table in the middle. We were fighting a war, using the map for troop placement and such. They had red mop-like hair and wore crowns of shampoo and conditioner bottles. They also wore red and purple, really ornate capes and gowns. The soldiers wore uniforms that looked 60's ish.

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