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An expectant mom has just been through a roller coaster of an early pregnancy.

After suffering some spotting early on in her pregnancy, Chelsea Muff went in for an ultrasound and was told the worst had happened: she’d had a miscarriage.

Doctor’s wanted to prescribe pills to induce a medical abortion, to clear her uterus of the remaining tissue. She declined, more out of denial than anything else. Instead she opted for a surgical abortion. When she arrived two weeks later for the procedure, she asked the doctor to do one more ultrasound just to be sure.

This time, they found the baby’s heart beat.

That is about as terrifying a mistake as a doctor could ever make. They very nearly ended this woman’s healthy pregnancy because of a screw-up on her ultrasound.

Muff shared her story with the Telegraph:

She said: “The member of staff was shocked but really pleased for me. She said ‘you have a live baby’. I didn’t believe it. I had been so upset and couldn’t believe this could have happened.

“I was really happy at that point. It was only later, after discussing it with my partner, who was really mad about what I had been put through, that I realised I could have killed my baby by taking the tablet.”

I’m sure this kind of mistake is extremely rare. One can hope this is the only time it has ever happened. Yet hearing this woman’s story is making me viscerally glad I opted not to have an ultrasound after some early bleeding in my first pregnancy. My doctor at the time said that I’d either miscarry or not, and an ultrasound wouldn’t change that. I opted to spend a few days resting at home and sure enough, the bleeding stopped and I had a healthy baby 8 months later.

I hope Chelsea Muff is blessed with an uneventful pregnancy, easy labor and a healthy kid after what she’s been through.

How pissed would you be? I would be sooo mad. She almost lost a healthy baby!!!!!


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Kyleigh - posted on 08/18/2011




never had a miscarriage but how sad for those women who have had one :(

Shaz - posted on 08/18/2011




ive had three miscarriages two just came normally the third i had to have a D&C... it was a missed misscariage and had just stopped growing it was 6 weeks on no hartbeat nothing.....had two ultrasounds said the same so i ended up going in to an abortion clinic to have it removed because the hospital didnt want to know just said my body would reject it in time....meanwhile i started bleeding felt like shit still felt sick and figured this is no good for my other two to wait it out so i went in

it was awful, had anti abortionists sitting outside with pictures of "Your Baby'" etcetc wanted to tell them where to get off, ended up with an infection etcetc.

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I'd be pissed that's for sure. Luckily I have a doc that does early OB ultrasounds before preforming any bloodwork. Thats when I found out I was having twins, 6-8 weeks into my pregnancy.

[deleted account]

Stories like that... regardless of how rare, are exactly the reason that I refused to go for a D&C until it was the only option left. When I went into the doctor bleeding heavily, he almost sent me home until my ex helped me insist that he check me out cuz he wasn't understanding just HOW much I had been bleeding.... After checking is when he admitted me in the hospital.

Johnny - posted on 08/18/2011




Happy & sad at the same time. I am glad it all worked out for her, but the stress must have been terrible.

I had fairly heavy bleeding early in my pregnancy. When the ultrasound tech could not find anything with the external wand, she did an internal scan very cautiously and slowly. After a while of trying patiently, she found the heartbeat. It was nice that she didn't just assume that I had miscarried. And then passed that on to the midwife.

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This happened with my youngest. I was told I had a miscarriage and literally seconds before the D&C was to take place they took another ultrasound (standard procedure) and found the heartbeat. I was more happy than pissed, but I did change my doc for the remainder of the pregnancy...

~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/18/2011




I have never knowingly had a misscariage. I am thankful for that, and cannot imagine the trauma it causes a women emotionally. I feel for every women that has had to suffer through one.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/18/2011




This is a wonderful, yet horrific story. I don't know what I would do, but I definately would find another doctor!

Constance - posted on 08/18/2011




A miscarriage is devestating but I do know why doctors move to the decisions they do. I didn't think about it until earlier. With my 5th miscarriage. I had started spotting so I went to the er and found out the baby didn't have heartbeat. My doctor had already gone through 4 with me and he saw how upset I was. He made the decision to wait anoher 48 hrs before dong anything else. I went out with friends that night to keep my mind off it. The next day I laid my daughter down for her nap. A half hour later I ran into the bathroom and there was a lot of blood. My mom took me to the hospital. I was there for 5 hours by the time another dr from the practice came in. She only wait because the er dr said I was mildly bleeding and she was trying to let nature take its course. She came in to check me again and realized I was bleeding out and I was rushed to surgery.I lost 3 pints of blood and it took me 3 weeks to recover. My other doctor felt so guilty that he hadn't done anything and I could have died.

Doctors make decision based on what they believe is the best for their patient. If you believe you have had a miscarriage then have it confirmed at the drs office then you can talk about the options you have.You can as to wait a few days to make sure you really have because even ultrasounds aren't completely accurate. For doctors it is a rock in a hard place.

As far as my second Dr. she was pissed at the ER staff. I have never heard a Dr. scream lke that before and haven't since. When she walk out of my room she started yelling. " Who the F is in charge of my patient. She is bleeding out and you said she was mildly bleeding. What's severely dead." She coninued a she walk down the hall but that was all I was able to hear.

Constance - posted on 08/17/2011




I have miscarried 7 times. My doctors always waited a few days before doing anything. For the most part my body took care of the lost pregnacy but one time it didn't and I had to have emergency surgery.

As fa as the mistake this doctor made. He is only human not something perfect. When I found out I was pregnant with #4 I had the ultrasound done minly becase we had no idea how far along I was. The first ultrasound didn't show anything and I mean nothing. They ordered blood work and another ultrasound the following week. Weall thought I had miscarried. When I went back everything was in place and I delivered a baby girl.

[deleted account]

I kinda know how she feels. My doctor was measuring my hcg levels very early into my pregnancy because of how sick I had been, and because of spotting I had. He told me the levels should double between one Friday and Monday. When we checked them Monday, he told me they hadnt doubled and that I was miscarrying.
I opted to have the ultrasound, to have a picture of what was supposed to be my first child, and cried so hard, knowing that I was miscarrying.

Only to discover at the ultrasound, that my hcg levels hadnt doubled because I was having twins.

After the initial shock and excitement of finding out I was still expecting, and expecting 2 babies at that, I was incredibly mad at the doctor!! I took GREAT pleasure storming into his office with the ultrasounds, and telling you "you got it WRONG!"
I understand people make mistakes, but EVERY avenue should be explored before trying to terminate a pregnancy that may not have taken.

I, too, hope Chelsea;s pregnancy goes smoothly, and the baby arrives in this world healthy and happy.

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