Grand parents?????

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How often do your parents see your kids?? Just curious.

We see Auntie and Nana every Sunday and once in a while once during the week.


Tamara - posted on 08/02/2011




My parents once every two years or so, and only one at a time DHs mom she has seen them like 5 times So not to often


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My parents live in Miami, Florida so we see them 3 to 4 times a year. And Will's parents live a few minutes from us so we them on a daily basis which is good and bad sometimes because his mother and I don't get along at all, but his father and I are really close and thinks of me as a daughter.

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J has a really wonderful relationship with all of his grandparents. He sees my parents about once a week to spend the night (that is the night dh & I go out). They live about 45 minutes away.

My MIL and her husband see him about once a week too--they usually take him for a few hours, but sometimes he'll spend the night. Her husband is wonderful with J, sometimes I forget he's not his "real" granddad. They live about 10 minutes away.

He only saw dh's father a few times before he passed away because he lived several states away. We visited as often as possible, but due to the remote location, it was a very long, rather expensive trip. We keep pictures of him though out the house and talk about him often so that J will know him.

Merry - posted on 08/04/2011




We see matts parents weekly, sometimes more, never less then once every two weeks cuz they start calling missing the kids and Eric will start begging to see nana and bubba!
My mom died when I was 15, and my dad has been a huge dick since then and he has only been allowed to see Eric twice in these two years, well he never really asked to see him either.....hehasnt met Fierna yet and we aren't sure if we will let him see her???it's difficult.
My sister sees us as much as she can! Eric adores auntie. And my aunt, my moms sister, is also in their lives, she doesn't live too close but we see her as much as we can!

Angela - posted on 08/04/2011




My father and Mom was never much in my life so they were hardly in my kids lives. My father died but my Mom did manage to see Claire once, and never did she met my son, and she only seen my girls a few times.

My husbands Mom probably see Claire at least twice a month she lives close by. His father about every other month or more but he lives farther away.

If my parents were normal I would want more but since they were not normal or good parents really I am happy they did not bother with my kids. My Mother and her family make racial jokes and homophobic... they did this in front of me and my Claire on our last year visit knowing full well I have black, gay foster son. It was at that moment I was not sorry to not know them well and will not be doing anymore comeback visits!

Peter's parents treat my older kids very well and like their own, even my Step mom in law is wonderful and you would never know she was not blood related to my kids!

They see my grown kids less 2 live in the states now and the other 2 live here so they see them more often.

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we visit my IN laws quite often i think i was talking to you the other night while i was over there shannin LOL

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We live about 5 min from both of our parents.My mom is not really physically able to lift or play in the floor because of her M.S and she smokes in the house so that is limiting her from seeing Devin much.My in-laws have been cut back on visits from staying the night every weekend to having a few hours if they are lucky.Too many moms and not enough grandmas.Can't really handle anymore than that.

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My mom sees the kids 2-3 times a year cuz she lives 3000 miles away.

It varies w/ my dad. Sometimes we might see him a few times in a month. Sometimes we might go a few months w/out seeing him. He lives about 20 minutes away.... I have a feeling we'll be seeing him a bit more now though since on Monday my son starts preschool at the same school that he teaches high school. ;)

Jayce - posted on 08/03/2011




Once a year. My guy is their only grandchild, I wish they could see him more often than that.

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They see my mom about once a week, shes only 15 minutes a way, sometimes more or less depending on our schedules. My grankids are right down the block, so I usually see them a few times a week.

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I see my mom almost weekly. I haven't seen my Nanny since my Popa passes years ago. I don't speak to my mom's mom and that has been almost 15 yrs. Both my grandfathers are gone. My dad past away two halloweens ago. I still have my step mom but since my dad past we don't talk as often as we use to. Only because she now hs to work outside the home. My husband is nly speaking to his dad at this point but that is growing very thin so Ihave no idea how long that will last. I speak to my mom's boyfriend once in a blue moon and I dodn't think I have seen him in almost a year. He only lives 30 minutes away in my mom house. We just don't get along to well.

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My family lives 4 hrs away, so we see them every couple of months. My MIL lives 6 minutes away and we are her drivers, so we see her weekly. In all, it works out well. My parents are empty nesters now so they always travel, though never our way. Hmmm.

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well my mom lives 15 minutes away so we see her a lot and she is his normal babysitter.. he see's my dad everyday because my dad is currently staying with us..
hubbys dad is deceased has been since two weeks before hubbys other son was born... and his mom lives on other side of state so THANKFULLY only a couple times a year!!

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My 16month old sees his hal-muh-nee (grandmother) more then his ha-da-buh-jee (Grandfather) he sees her about once a week sometimes more depending on what we have going And he sees his grandfather few times amonth…(he works a lot)
(BTW im using the Korean words because im learning so that I can teach my son and so im putting them in my speeach…lol)

But both my boys see my mother and step father a few times a week or spend the night every other weekend

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i see my parents 2x a week actually, they help out with my DD, but his parents are just strange. hehe

Tamara - posted on 08/02/2011




There are times I miss my mom being less then an hour away, and wish they could spend more time with her. As far as MIL I don't care lol we are like oil and water so I am glad with her only seeing them on occasions.

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