OMG Do you shop on Black Friday? Edit: If you did, how did it go???

Shannintipton - posted on 11/20/2011 ( 11 moms have responded )




I just heard on the news, some people are already lining up for Black Friday. Have you ever shopped that day. Was it worth it. Were you hurt??? LOL Please share.


Amy - posted on 11/20/2011




Well Danielle nowadays if you got up at 3 am you'd be starting late! I think I saw Walmart opens at 10pm on thanksgiving, toys r us at 9pm, Kohls, best buy and. Old Navy open at midnight. It's really sad that so many retailers are going to that. But to answer your question I work retail so I'll be at work all day, and though I'm looking for a cheap laptop I will just keep searching the Internet. I can't stand the holiday crowds and just prefer to shop from home.

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No way in hell would I ever shop that day. People are crazy, last year a friend of mine actually fought a man over a fully loaded super soak-er (very intimidating toy) , it was the last one... It was a physical tug-o-war for this toy. My friend got it because she played the girl card on the guy lol but no... I do my shopping after black friday. :)

Danielle - posted on 11/20/2011




I've went one time and it really wasn't worth it (IMO) ppl are rude and things go quickly. It's just not worth getting up at 3 am for lol.


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Stifler's - posted on 11/21/2011




NO lol who can be bothered. I've already got what I wanted for xmas usually.

Katherine - posted on 11/20/2011




Yep, did once, didn't get hurt. It was crazy packed though. I got the last one of something and had to hang on to it for dear life afraid someone would try and steal it from me. LOL.

But no injuries. Got some awesome deals.

Edit to add: Didn't get there until 8am

Michelle - posted on 11/20/2011




I used to but not really like camped out over night to get in or anything. I never made more effort then getting up when I felt like it and heading out to check it out. I did after my son was born because it was the first day we could take him out after he was born and the first day I was up for going out after my c section. One year my husband got the flu on black Friday and last year I had my youngest the day before thanksgiving. All leisurely outings though I'm not one of those camp out or even get up at dawn shoppers. If I get a deal then I do and a couple of times it saved my butt in being able to afford presents. We'll see about this year I haven't decided yet. It's probably the day we'll celebrate the little ones birthday then because it's on Thanksgiving this year.

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Not a chance! I never buy anything that I would need to shop on Black Friday for anyway though.

Medic - posted on 11/20/2011




HELL NO I have never and will never shop on black Friday. The deals tend to last all week anyways. I have much better things to do with my time than that...and I hate people anywho.

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