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Do you take your child/children outside every day? What does your child/children enjoy most while playing outside? Do you feel outdoor play is important?


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My oldest is not an "outdoor" type of kid, although when the weather gets nice we go to the beach once or twice a week, and we do go hiking once a week if weather permits. My daughter loves being outside and wants to be out there rain, sleet, or snow. I do think it's important to get the kids outside just to get them away from the electronics that they are surrounded by inside.

Brittney - posted on 04/26/2012




Ruby loves outside! The kids across the street come over and play with her, she goes to their backyard and plays on their swing set and in the sandbox. The other kids next door let her play with their toys, chalk, wagon, and set of balls. There is a toddler across the street close to Ruby's age and they do parallel play with chalk. I think outdoor play is important for emerging physical and social play, it is where they burn the most calories, it contributes to learning, freedom, and they learn to appreciate the outdoors using their senses.


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Johnny - posted on 04/26/2012




She is outside every day at school, and when we are home on the weekends. We get home around 5 pm, so when it's light outside and not pouring rain, she plays outside with either Mommy or Papa while the other cooks supper. In the winter though, we are usually inside on weekday evenings. We live next to a forest park, so we are in there every weekend checking out the pond or looking for creatures in the meadow. We are also really into gardening, so she spends lots of time helping us with it. She's really keen.

Right now though, I am pregnant and completely exhausted. So she hasn't been outside as much as I would like. I feel bad, but I'm so tired after work I think I'm going to literally fall down. My hubby cooks dinner and we read on the sofa. She does play in the backyard on her own, but it's not very big, so she just digs in the dirt and looks for worms.

September - posted on 04/26/2012




I totally agree, Brittney. Our son loves to play outside too. We have a park across the street from our house that has a lake. He loves to go see the ducks and walk the trails, we go almost every day. He also loves to play in our backyard. He loves to go on bug hunts, blow bubbles and play with his t-ball set. He also really likes to be chased by his Daddy. His grandma has a huge yard and grows a garden and he really enjoys helping her plant, he picks all of her flowers too (she doesn't mind and just puts them in a vase) it's super cute!

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