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Denikka - posted on 05/04/2012




Some of those are pretty bad. Like the first one. Letting a kid sit in a dirty/wet diaper all night. That's not cool, especially if the kid gets a rash because of it. That being said, I don't change my kids at night. I never have, except when they're sick and have the runs. Right from day one, neither has really gone during the night. It's usually first thing in the morning, either just before or just after they wake up.
I will say that I do usually give it about half an hour after they wake up before changing them though. Otherwise I'm just changing them twice in about 15 minutes and that just seems silly to me. Never had a problem with bum rashes from not changing though.

The tricking hubby into having another baby also bugs me. Not cool. A child should be brought into the world with love, not lying and resentment.

The wedding one got me. Excluding your kids from your wedding. And it's not even like they're toddlers or babies. But 11yrs-22yrs and they're not allowed to be at your wedding?? That just seems selfish to me. I can understand going on a honeymoon without the kids, but the wedding day is when you proclaim to the world that *we are a FAMILY*.

Other than that, some of them made me giggle a bit. Most I would do or think of doing. I bring my own snacks when shopping, so that's usually not an issue, I've totally let my son finish a nap in the car, especially when bringing in groceries (when this was an issue, I lived with my grandparents in the middle of nowhere. Truck was parked 10ft from the door, we were in and out getting groceries, etc) I would totally leave my kid to run around in the yard, as long as it was fenced in (son's a runner XD so no open spaces for him :P) and I leave my son (3) to bathe by himself most of the time, checking in periodically. I even let my 14mo old to bathe by herself a few minutes at a time, sometimes alone, sometimes with her brother.
PJs are a whatever thing, kids are usually in just a diaper or some assortment of PJs, full clothes or whatever. As they get a lil older they'll get to pick their own clothes and if they want PJs..meh..whatevs.
Sleeping naked, well, I sleep topless while my youngest is nursing, but I generally like wearing clothes, even in hot summer. Hubby sleeps naked and our son frequently sleeps with him. It's no big deal :P

Amy - posted on 05/03/2012




My kids have a late bedtime, they can sleep in everyday so we don't care, it's provably going to be difficult when my son starts a full day of school in the fall but we have till midsummer to address it.

If we're not going anywhere the kids stay in there pajamas, but we change into clean pajamas before bed.

I also let my kids play in the fenced in portion of our yard, I yell to my son every few minutes to make sure he's fine. The fenced in portion of the yard is surrounded by trees and the dog is out there with them.

[deleted account]

I've let my little ones finish napping in the car. I'm on a five acre property and you can't even see our house from the road so they were safe from "wierdos" and I would check on them every five minutes or so to make sure they were ok.

Some of the reader comments are more disturbing that the actual confessions though.

Kimberly - posted on 05/03/2012




OMG if I didnt give my daughter stuff while shopping I would never get it done!!! She knows she gets a little milk and a piece of fruit( they have a spot for .50 you get a apple). I've also left her alone in the bath but I am right outside the bathroom and check every few mins. She has also played in the back yard, the odd time with no undies on but you cant actually get out of the area she plays in our yard is double gated so you have to go through two sets either side to get to there, but I'm still close by and can always hear her. Some of them I would never do simply cause they are dangerous but not shocked that people have done it!!!

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