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Jennifer - posted on 02/08/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




So, I'm an animal lover, have 16 pets altogether. Most have been with my family for 5 years or more, one snake is 12 years old this year. Anyway, because I do like animals one woman has become 'attached' to me. I really am getting to the point that I can't stand her! She runs out and gets these exotic pets (pigs, goats, sugar gliders, mini horses, etc) and then sells them after a couple months, or they end up dead due to lack of or the wrong care. She has a parade of dogs through her house, never getting shots or having them fixed, and rarely keeping them for more than a couple months. One dog was 'like my child' to her, but she gave it away for and accident on the floor. First, I HATE people comparing their pet to their kids, but after saying that many times to me, I'm now a bit worried about her kids!! She had two weanling colts and a mini horse this spring, and none were very nice. She would let her 2 and 3 year-old play in the yard with them! Thakfully the colts are gone, but she is trying to sell the mini now. It bites, kicks and rears and she wants $800. Going rate here, for a cart trained and broke mini, show quality, is $500! I'm worried she will get someone hurt, as the only one who'd pay that much is someone who knows nothing!! Anyway, this was a vent, doesn't have a point. Except, well, if I quit posting for awhile, I may have been arrestted for assualt. Or worse.......


Katherine - posted on 02/08/2012




Wow, 16 pets! That's a lot. But I guess if you have room for them that's good.

Sounds like this lady is a bit wacko!

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