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OK, so I have a 10 yr old neice and a 12 yr old nephew coming for the weekend. I really don't want them here as I have issues with their parents.

My husband thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread and I am supposed to accept this part of his family and all their bullshit. On the other hand he will not accept my 2 oldest children (16 & 18).

His sister and her husband are rude and ignorant to me when hubby is not around and the children are the same way. When I explain to him how I feel and why, he gets all UP! and says that I am trying to seperate him from his family and I am ignorant. He will not acknowledge my 2 oldest because they at 15 decided to not come here anymore and stay with their dad on access weekends. He thinks that by ignoring them when we do see them that he is punishing them for hurting me.

But he will talk to his sister and if she says that whatever I have told him didn't happen, then I am the liar and just trying to make trouble.

So now he has either invited or agreed for the kids to come out for the weekend and I want to be the adult. They have no respect for me and I know that they will make trouble. Making up stories and of course, I do everything that they say and I am the liar. Pretending they are scared of me etc. etc.

But, since they are going to be here, what do I do with them and still be the adult in this situation?


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Just a suggestion, and it may not fix anything (could make it worse?), but maybe you could go away for the weekend and just leave him to it. Arrange to spend the time with your own children instead and just let him know that it is the disrespect that he and the children show you that has made you decide not to be there.
Sorry I can't offer more help.


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I would leave it all on hubby. Let him entertain them, feed them, etc. He invited/agreed to have them there then he can deal with them. Mightn't be the most adult way to handle it but it may make your point.

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