What items do you find more challenging to wear since becoming a mom?

Katherine - posted on 06/14/2012 ( 8 moms have responded )




The women who say that nothing changed once they became a mom are pretty little liars. I'm 21 months into motherhood and not only have some of my kid-less friends disappeared just like my once happily plump rear-end, but there are things I used to wear all the time that have been pushed to the back of the closet.

I'm not saying moms can't be stylish. They sure can. Nor am I saying that we have to now only be seen in some really antiquated view of what 'mom clothes' should be. Not saying that at all. What I am saying is that some things are ... well ... just more challenging to wear once you become a mama.

See if you agree ...

Moms can no longer wear:

1. Strapless anything. Unless of course you don't mind your kid pulling down your top when you least expect it for the whole playground to see your breasts as your little one screams "MILKIES!"

2. Low cut shirts. See above. Kids hands are quick!

3. High heels. Specifically the stiletto heel. Unless you want to break an ankle. I did wear them all through my pregnancy (until the end when no pair of shoes even fit anymore). But once my twins arrived, those sex kitten heels only come out on adult nights out. Wedges however, totally do-able ... unless they are on a high platform.

4. Lipstick. I love me some berry tinted lips. But I don't love that berry tint all over my baby's cheeks. So I avoid when with the kids because I can't avoid kissing them!

5. Perfume. Honestly it's no longer needed especially when you have that new baby scent all over you.

6. Short skirts. Mini skirts + bending over to pick up your kid's lovie in the supermarket = X-Rated mommy.

7. Non-stretch jeans. You know the kind you have to wiggle into and then lay down on the bed to get zipped up? Uh, yeah. Try running after your toddler in those. I have agita just thinking about it.

8. Things with sequins. Kids think it's dessert.

9. Pants with too many buttons and snaps and requires a belt. Have you ever tried to pee with a baby in your arms? It takes the skill of one arm and an elastic waist.

10. Dangling earrings. Unless you are going for a barbaric way of stretching to a 0 gauge.

11. Really tight shirts. Not conducive to nursing moms.

12. Hair down. You don't have to cut it all if you don't want to, but you may want to get it out of your kid's reach unless you enjoy torture and practicing face contortions.

13. Necklaces. Can be a chocking hazard for the kid and you. Also, most likely to break. Just like ...

14. Glasses. Little hands love spectacles. They snatch 'em off your face and run away. My husband's pair are taped together.

15. White. Unless you don't mind it being the day's canvas with stains that will never come out.

16. Dry-clean only clothes. Unless you are rich.

Of course you can wear any and all of these things when out without the kids. But wear that really tight shirt, mini skirt, and heels all together with caution, mama, because dayum you still look good.

What items do you find are more challenging to wear once becoming a mom?

Clothes in general. My kids ALWAYS get me dirty!!!!


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Julie, It sounds like camies and bandeu tops under your tops are essential. Have you heard of midi length skirts? they are really popular this season and stylish too. I also use Sally Hansen's Airbrush legs to hide some of the veins and flaws. It works great for me, perhaps it could be worth a try. Crew Neck t-shirts have enough of the coverage you want when you're dealing with your kids. I hope this helps. www.vstylist.com

Julie - posted on 07/08/2012




Sad to say, but since birthing my boys I have the WORST CASE OF VERICOUS VEINS...from my knee to foot, of all places..I have not been able to wear any shorts, skirts or dresses (besides maxi's) for 10 years.
Shirts also became a problem. Most tops once you bend over, BAM...boobies! Even if you have NO cleavage while standing, as a mother you are constantly "bending over"
I think it's in appropriate to flash the ta-ta's at the young ones, but it is a daily challenge to "stay covered" when you are a 34D.
Plus, with two young boys, a husband and male roommate on occasion...I have not gone bra-less in YEARS. I'd love to just be able to come home, take my bra off (keep my shirt on mind you) and walk around the rest of the night. But my boobs are a major distraction! It's so sad, but so true. What is a girl to do...

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Being a mom of toddlers does change life all together. I am a mom and a fashion wardrobe stylist, I enjoyed reading your list. I must agree that the majority of the time you can't be with your children, in order to wear some of the more sexier or appealing fashions. Which is why there's a time for everything when you're a mom. However, that doesn't mean you have to accept looking frumpy all of the time, even when going out to the park. The key is to maintain a polished look, preferably no wrinkly clothes, no holes on shirts, no oversize tees, no baggie mc hammer or jogging pants. Some examples: A sleeveless cardi or vest over a body skimming top paired with jeans, a pretty summer dress in midi length with sleeves is totally doable, looking polished could be as simple as a lacquer manicure in a spring nail color. A slick back low ponytail is chic too. Mom's like us do have options. I just wrote a book on it, SEE http://www.vstylist.com/season-of-style-...

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When they were babies I tended to stay away from lowcut and strapless shrits, heels, especiall during the toddler stage.

Amanda - posted on 06/14/2012




My ratbags do that too Katherine. My 4 yr old thought it was funny to pull my bikini bottoms down in the pool, in knee deep water

Katherine - posted on 06/14/2012




Oh! Another thing, my 3 year old is always pulling my pants down!

Jayce - posted on 06/14/2012




I hardly wear white even before becoming a mom. White things don't stay that way when I wear them.

I always wear my necklace and glasses. I don't know how many kids have yanked on my necklace, it has never broken. I need my glasses, I'm constantly cleaning them but I'm as blind as a bat without them.

I don't wear thongs anymore. They're just not comfortable since having my son.

Amanda - posted on 06/14/2012




Skirts or dresses (unless it's a maxi) not a pretty sight if you're retrieving your child from the top of the climbing frame.

Heels are a big no no, not practical for pram pushing or chasing toddlers.

Anything white was a big no no for me even before I had kids

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