Would you buy a bald American Girl Doll?

Katherine - posted on 07/02/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




Will you be buying a bald American Girl for a kid in your life?

They are now making them for kids with cancer. What do you think? Would you buy one?


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They are over $100 each!

It's $105 for the doll, then accessories are extra. Or you can get the doll with the accessories set for $125, or the "Best Friends Package" that comes with a doll, book, and matching outfit for the little girl to wear for $244.

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I like the concept, and it would have been cool to have a bald doll to fight cancer with the first go round--a comfort to the little girls going through it. I doubt they will sell well to healthy littles though.

That said, have you seen the price tags on those dolls?!?! I am really glad I have a boy, because I highly doubt I'd be buying one of those for any of the kids in my life!

Well, actually, if I had a daughter and she was fighting cancer and wanted this doll, I'd probably spring for it.....you know, if I could afford it after the medical bills.

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