Would you friend your child’s teacher on social media?

Katherine - posted on 09/06/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




Yikes! No, not with the stuff I post! Bad, bad idea.


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Jurnee - posted on 09/07/2012




Im friends with my adult daughters former teacher. I am friends with people who work at my sons school, or have worked at schools my kids attended in the past, but I have been friends with them already.

Dove - posted on 09/07/2012




I have a couple on who used to be either their teacher or substitute teacher.... and another two who could potentially be their teachers (one is a K teacher where my youngest will go to K next year.... the other teaches robotics.. and something else at the middle school where my oldest attends). We're friends from church or the past though. :)

Corinne - posted on 09/07/2012




Hell no! I don't think they're supposed to here. I know that I can't friend any of the staff from my Sure Start centre as it's against the terms of their employment, even though I have done some voluntary work with them - odd. I came across my kids' deputy head teacher on FB, she was friends with a load of people from my high school. I investigated, as I don't remember everyone from school and assumed she was one of those I'd forgotten. Turns out I did yrs 7-11 with these friends then left for college, she only took yrs 12 &13 there, so although we were the same year group we were never there together. Quite glad really 'cause I don't like her too much.

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Well, I am facebook friends with a teacher who was my daughter's pre-school teacher and could potentially be hers and my son's grade 6 teacher.... (but she knows me quite well and so I don't think anything I write could shock her)

But I wouldn't go out of my way to friend my child's teacher just because.

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