Battles of the "Alpha" step siblings

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I struggle daily with my oldest son and my oldest step-daughter. They are in a constant power struggle. They are only a year apart (birthdays are even in the same month). Their personalities are very similiar and they are always at each others throats!

They both claim to try to be nice with the other, but that the other just is mean and pushes their buttons. They both say the other one just hates them. They say that the other one has "ruined their lives". But, when they are apart, they always ask about the other one.

I'm always in the middle and I try to help each one see the other's point of view. My son is extrememly spoiled by his dad and all his grandparents which makes my step-daughter jealous. My son is always on the go and feels left out of our unit with the other 3 children.

My Step-daughter doesn't see her mom very much, so she struggles with abandonment issues. There are days that I'm just at my wits end and I don't know how to deal with this constant struggle.

Anyone else experience this? What do you do about it?


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My SDD is 1 year 1 month older then my DS to the day.  They have simular issues and I just let them work it out.  Anytime I've tried to get in the middle it seems to make it worse.  My son resents my step because she is the one w/ all the extra sets of grandparents and parents so she gets a lot more and more attention.

Good luck.

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